Same address, different floor

Over the weekend AltSpace moved to a different floor in the Plimmer Tower building. We are now on level 17 (officially Suite 3). All other details are the same and the room booking system is being updated (as well as general material on the site.

We are also looking at another space for larger meetings/meetups/after hour events which is more no frills but meets a different need. If you might be interested in this drop us a line as we are still working on options.


Our thoughts go to those in Christchurch due to the earthquake today. If anyone from Christchurch is in Wellington you are more than welcome to use AltSpace for as long as you need. Please email us or call Steven on 021 706 076. As well as this if any business in Christchurch is unable to enter their place or work and think that relocating to Wellington works for them the use of AltSpace is also open to you.

We understand that being close to friends and family is important at times like this but our offer is open if you need it.

Member Profile: AmberDMS

One of the more ‘colourful’ members at AltSpace is Jethro Carr and his company AmberDMS. Jethro is very much one of the upcoming stars of the IT industry in Wellington. Jethro already has two full time staff working on his billing system and other open source initiatives .  Jethro joined AltSpace in February but to be honest seems like he has been with us forever :-)

Warm welcome to Tim

AltSpace would like to extend a warm welcome to Tim McNamara as the new Community Manager. Tim will become to day to day point person for AltSpace as time goes on.

Wanted: Community Manager for AltSpace

AltSpace is seeking a Community Manager to assist with our growing business!

What is AltSpace?
AltSpace is a coworking space situated smack dab in the middle of the CBD in Wellington. We are independent workers - designers, writers, online advertisers, developers, consultants, and entrepreneurs who know that being independent doesn’t have to mean being isolated. Our office provides an attractive alternative to working from home, working from a coffee shop, or squatting in a serviced office. Our space invites us all to be productive - by working alongside one another (and sometimes even working together) we are happier AND do better work. Simple as that.

What is coworking?
Coworking is redefining the way we do work. The idea is simple: that independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone. Coworking answers the question that so many face when working from home: “Why isn’t this as fun as I thought it would be?” Beyond just creating better places to work, coworking spaces are built around the idea of community-building and sustainability. Coworking spaces agree to uphold the values set forth by those who developed the concept in the first place: collaboration, community, sustainability, openness, and accessibility. Read all about it on the
coworkingwiki or via the coworking Google Group.

What will the Community Manager do?
We’re looking for a Community Manager who will use online and offline avenues to reach out to people to get them to know about AltSpace. We’re looking for someone who lives and breathes online as well as a member of the Wellington community.

Duties may include (but are not limited to):

  • Member recruitment
  • Marketing, promotion and attending events
  • Social media participation (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.)
  • Membership management (such as managing any issues that pop up, giving tours of the space, answering questions, etc.)
  • Assist with community building strategy development & implementation

Our Ideal Candidate Will:

  • Be passionate about building a community and be an independent worker with existing business/clients. This role is paid but not as full time role.
  • Be entirely self-motivated. Your daily tasks will include shaping the direction of our social media strategy and to share, connect, and learn from others. It’s up to you to make the most out of the freedom given to you.
  • Be part of the Wellington ‘creative’ scene.
  • Have experience with Wordpress, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Ability to spread the AltSpace and coworking story to Wellington.
  • Complement the AltSpace founders and existing members.

What We Have To Offer:

  • Resident membership with all the trimmings at AltSpace.
  • Retainer based on membership levels at AltSpace.
  • Ability to complement your existing professional activities by being the AltSpace Community Manager.

Next Step: Email or Phone Steven at or (021) 706 067

Trial Offer

Change is often hard for people. Looking at the value of new things compared to the ’status quo’ can difficult to determine. That’s why we are making a new offer for AltSpace membership. Your first months membership for a Nomad (part time) plan is just 3 of your billable hours. If after the first month you do no think the AltSpace provides sufficient value for 3 hours of your billings then we will refund your fees. Email or phone us about this offer or pop into the office.

Open House Wednesday

The first Open House is this Wednesday. If you want to pop in or work for the day, or some of the day, just let us know. The Open House is the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Monthly Open House and Member Drinks

Starting in November AltSpace will be having a monthly Open House and drinks for members and guests. If you would like to try AltSpace you can come on down hang out with us, chat to our members and share a drink afterward (or just catchup for a drink and a chat at the end of the day).

These will be the first Wednesday of each month. This is a general invite and you do not need to ask us before hand. Just come by our office on the day.

Coworking Visa comes to Melbourne

The OpenHub has just joined the Coworking Visa programme. This allows members of any participating location to use the amenities of any other. If you travel between Melbourne and Wellington for work or play you should consider joining either them or AltSpace, or both :-)

Video conference facilities at AltSpace

This weekend should put the final touches on the new place at Plimmer Towers. We are just painting the walls in the meeting rooms the best colour for video conference usage and mounting the LCD screens on the wall. If you would like to check them our or might need to use them let us know.